” A Story of Race and Inhertiance”

I never had to deal with the problems of the color of my skin, so before I started this book i decided to go into it open minded.  The fact that African American boy born into poverty can succeed to become the leader of our nation is truly remarkable. I did not vote for Obama, nor did I look forward to reading this piece, but it did strike me as a truly heroic story.. I am glad I went into this book with no previous stereotypes.  I allowed no thought to go into my mind about how this man is ruling over our country, with declining support from the people of America.  I thought not of the author, but of the man who overcame a hell of a lot to get to where he is today.

Obama formed an image of his absent father from stories told by his mother and her parents. He saw his father only one more time, in 1971, when Obama Sr. came to Hawaii for a month’s visit. Obama takes readers from his boyhood memories of Hawaii to his grassroots efforts to help African Americans in Chicago to his search in Kenya for a solid connection with the father he barely knew. Throughout this book, Obama tells us of his struggles faced mainly because of his race.  I understand why many of my classmates think  this is written only to help in his presidential election.

This book also suffers at times from hints that this public-minded man writes too self-consciously before a reading public. Overall, this book shows its talented, socially committed author as a person to watch, a leader being born.

Obama seems to have found his identity, which he was searching for throughout, at the end of this book.  Maybe if i start writing about my life, i can find who i really am too.  All in all, he really is an intelligent  man.  President or not, this books author deserves attention.  I have not read many books on racial issues, in fact, this may be the first.  Obama does a fantastic job in showing how we can bridge the issue that should not be an issue- the color of our skin.

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