The Waste Land

September 29, 2010

A dark poem. A poem that was hard to get through.  I probaly misinterpreted more than half of it.  Eliot was a very confusing guy, he often repeated himself, and flat out made no sense at times.  Eliot reminds me of some grumpy man who is capable of giving no love.    After reading, i did some research on the internet and came to some of the following conclusions:  A poem about spiritual dryness.  No one being able to hold onto any of their beliefs or hold any true virtues.  The waste land represents death. Some survivors, but survivors that weren’t “living”. Which ultimately made me just a little more confused..

“and would it have been worth is after all…”

Going into this text, i thought i would receive somewhat of a romantic poem.  “The Love Song” in the title is ironic because Prufrock is isolated, timid, middle aged, and unromantic.  The pronouns used in this text are sometimes interpreted as two different parts of Prufrock’s personality: one that urges him to take action and participate in events; the other, a loner who fears involvement and rejection. Self doubt and hesitation color in the life of Prufrock.  The answer is yes, its all worth it.  You put your emotions and feelings on the line at all times, life is too short.  If you never let someone know how you really feel, all that love is wasted.  …and would it have been worth it after all? yes… everything is worth it after all. Love should never be wasted.


September 28, 2010

Prior to this, i had only read Yeats in high school. Reading it now is giving me a whole other perspective. I feel bad for Yeats, in most of these poems if not all, he sounds like a depressed man. A depressed man who doesn’t know how to handle love, but who really does love. In Adams Curse, Yeats is saying that something beautiful is not easily made. Beauty can not be coerced. To Yeats, the bankers, schoolmasters, and clergymen have no concept of true beauty. They are spending their time on meaningless tasks.

Yeats goes on to say that merely reciting love poems can not be beauty. You need to feel them. Yeats worked at love and did not accomplish much. He tells us that through his poems. The beauty of love was unattainable for him. You can tell that Yeats was a passionate man, a real intellect. His poetry is very enjoyable. I look forward to reading more of his work.

Racism In Heart of Darkness.

September 15, 2010

This text attacks Conrad’s, Heart Of Darkness, saying that it is racist. Achebe states that he knows Conrad is not responsible for the racism in Africa, but he does play his part in it. I believe Achebe to be very racist of Conrad. Conrad is nearly only saying what he saw, and acting in the only way he knows how. Conrad does have a negative stereotype of the Africans though. I like how we read this directly after Conrad’s. It made both points of view even more interesting.


September 7, 2010

The man that Marlow longs for. He is on a mission to meet him. The internet calls him an “evil genius”. He is utterly lacking in substance. What i agree with most is the following, “Indeed, Kurtz is not so much a fully realized individual as a series of images constructed by others for their own use.”

My Life As A Reader.

September 1, 2010

Reading to me is an escape, a way to to enter another universe. A journey. Not necessarily a pleasant one, but it is a trip. I usually like to think of reading as a vacation. When i read, i am able to put the rest of my world at rest. Reading helps me get away from the stresses of everyday life. I could sit in my room and read for hours. In fact, the only books i never really cared about were the ones forces upon you in your elementary years during summer break.
I like reading as well because i feel i gain a great sense of knowledge through books. Books have always been a constant companion in my life.